The Gala is April 23 and all forms are due-in by April 14.  See below under the Tuning Fork Headline for a table worksheet.

1. 2016-2018 NLC Concert & Rehearsal Schedule as of 8/11/2016

Log-on with your member credentials to download the Choir Schedule for the 2016-2018 Seasons (2 Years). The Schedule can be found under the Compendium and Tuning Fork headers.

2. 2016-2017 Comp Ticket Policies

Once again, choir members will receive four complimentary tickets to use throughout the season and an unlimited number of Choral Coupons! Log-in and click on the link in the right-hand column for more information.

3. 2016-2018 Choir Handbook, Appendices and Compendium

The current season handbook, appendices and compendium are posted under the Compendium or Tuning Fork header.